A Shaggy Dog Story Is a Long One

Once upon a time, there was a young man named George who had a very shaggy old dog. George’s dog was so big and furry that every time they went for a walk, people couldn’t help but stop and admire him.

One day, while George and his dog were out on one of their adventures, they came across an old man sitting at the side of the road. The old man waved them over and asked if he could tell them a story.

George, being an adventurous soul, said yes without hesitation. So the old man began his tale: “Once upon a time there was an enormous tree in the middle of a forest called ‘The Big Tree’. It was so big it could be seen from miles away.”

And then he described what seemed like hundreds of different characters – birds, squirrels, rabbits – all with their own complex histories and stories interwoven into the narrative. And still he went on and on until finally he reached the end of the story with this conclusion:

“And so the moral of this story is that if you have a shaggy dog like yours, your walks can lead to some unexpected surprises!”

George thanked the old man for his wonderful story before continuing on his way with his shaggy companion in tow.


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