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Belgian Malinois Price In India – Appearance, Temperament, Facts & More

Belgian Malinois Price In India – This breed is popular in many countries of the world and Indian people have started liking this breed. This breed is used by security agencies for protection. It is an intelligent & loyal breed.

Let us tell you that this breed is intelligent, loyal and courageous. For this reason, the people of India are also gradually adopting this breed. The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized shepherd dog that is famous for protecting the family.

Today in this post we will give you complete information about belgian malinois puppy price, belgian malinois cost & Belgian shepherd puppy price in India. So read this post completely.

Breed Information –

Breed NameBelgian Malinois
Breed GroupHerding
Height22 to 26 inches
Weight18 to 36 kg
Price RangeRs 70,000 to 1,00,000
ColorBlack-tipped Fawn, Mahogany, Red, Fawn Sable & Red Sable
TemperamentFriendly, Confident, Hard-Working, Protective & Active
Exercise Time90 minutes Exercise Every Day
Litter Size6 to 10 Puppies
Lifespan12-15 years

Belgian Malinois Price In India –

The price of Belgian Malinois breed in India ranges from Rs 70,000 to 1,00,000. Let us tell you that this breed is registered by The Kennel Club of India (KCI). Because of this, the price is very high.

The price of belgian dogs depends on various factors. (eg – Location of Buying, Breed Quality & Breeder, etc.) If you buy good quality and healthy dog then you will easily get a dog of this breed in Rs 70,000 to 1,00,000.

Before buying a dog of any breed, you must know about Monthly Expenses which are given below.

Factors Affecting The Belgian Malinois Dog Price In India –

Location –

If you buy a Belgian Malinois dog from a local breeder then its cost will be a little less but if you buy a Belgian Malinois from any other city then its price becomes high by including shipping and travel costs etc.

Breed Quality –

Pure Belgian Malinois dogs cost more than mixed breed because Belgian Malinois puppies are less likely to develop hereditary health problems.


If you buy a Belgian Malinois puppy from a reputable breeder then you will have to pay a higher price because a reputable breeder will always give you a pure breed of Belgian Malinois puppies But many local breeders fool you by giving you mixed breeds.

Demand –

Belgian Malinois breed dogs are popular in big cities and their demand is also high in big cities, So the Belgian Malinois dog price is higher in urban areas than in rural areas.

Male vs Female Puppy –

The cost of a male Belgian Malinois puppy in India is higher than the cost of a female Belgian Malinois puppy because most people in India prefer to buy a male Belgian Malinois than a female Belgian Malinois puppy.

Monthly Maintenance Cost Of Belgian Malinois –

Feeding Cost –

The Belgian Malinois is an energetic breed and it requires a sufficient amount of high nutritional food. Its monthly feeding cost is 3000 to 6000 rupees.

Grooming Cost –

The Belgian Malinois breed has a short and dense coat. Which needs to be kept clean. If you do the grooming of a Belgian Malinois at home, then the monthly cost would be Rs 500 to 700, while the charge of a professional groomer would be Rs 3,000 to 5,000.

Training Cost –

If you hire a good trainer for Belgian Malinois, then the monthly cost of its training will be 4000 to 7000 rupees.

Vet Cost –

If a Belgian Malinois is injured or your Belgian Malinois puppy becomes ill, the cost of treatment depends on the injury and illness.

Vaccination Cost –

If you want to protect your Belgian Malinois from infection and germs, then you should get your Belgian Malinois puppy vaccinated and the vaccination cost of the Belgian Malinois breed is 1000 to 3000 rupees.

Belgian Price In Different Cities – malinois dog for sale

Bangalore80,000 to 1,00,000
Delhi70,000 to 80,000
Hyderabad70,000 to 90,000
Kerala75,000 to 1,00,000
Kolkata70,000 to 80,000
Manipur60,000 to 75,000
Mumbai80,000 to 1,00,000
Pune90,000 to 1,00,000
Punjab70,000 to 90,000

History –

In the 1800s, many Belgians in search of Shepherd Dogs bred several pastoral dogs, and during this time four breeds including the Lakenois, Tervuren, Groenedale, and Malinois were born, and these are called “Chien de Berger Belge”.

This breed has long been used as a guard dog by the police, army and other agencies. Let us tell you that many Belgian Malinois bred in the 1920s and then in the 1930s this breed was exported to France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada and the United States.

Belgian Malinois was used by the Army and Police for bomb detection, drug locating and search and rescue operations. This breed is popular around the world and is also recognized by the American Kennel Club. This breed is ranked 90th out of 155 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Appearance –

The Belgian Malinois is an intelligent, loyal and courageous breed and this breed likes to keep its head up. The average weight of Belgian Malinois is around 18 to 36 kg and their height is around 22 to 26 inches.

They have 2 types of coat in which one is thicker on the outside and the other is shorter in length. Belgian Malinois dogs come in Black-tipped Fawn, Mahogany, Fawn Sable, Red & Red Sable colors and have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

Temperament –

Black Belgian Malinois are intelligent and have a high eagerness to work, so they are considered to be the best dog and most people love this breed for this reason.

Being highly intelligent, this breed is safe and affectionate with small children. This breed is very easy to train and can sometimes become aggressive towards strangers.

Adoption –

If you do not have the money to buy Belgian Malinois and you want to buy this breed, then you can also adopt the breed. Adoption is a good option and you can get this breed from a reputable breeder or from an adoption center.

Let us tell you that there are many different breeds of dogs available in the Adopt Center, you can easily adopt Belgian breed by going there. Before adopting, you have to sign on some documents at the Adopt Center. After that you can bring your dog home.

We recommend that you get a dog from a reputed breeder or an adoption center instead of buying dogs from unreliable sources

Health Issues –

Belgian Malinois is a healthy dog ​​breed but some dogs are prone to serious diseases which are hereditary so before buying this breed you must take the medical report of the parents of the breed. Belgian Malinois can also suffer from the following diseases which are as follows.

  • Hip Dysplasia – This is a genetic disease and if you fall prey to this disease, your dog starts having trouble walking and moving and also feels pain.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy – This is a disease associated with the eyes. Your dog may also suffer from blindness due to damage to the photoreceptors located behind the eyes.
  • Elbow Dysplasia – This is also a serious disease, and when this disease occurs, your dog starts feeling pain and lameness in the legs.

How to keep Belgian Malinois healthy –

  • You bathe and brush your Belgian Malinois once a week.
  • Keep ears clean and exercise regularly every day.
  • Get it vaccinated every year because the risk of infection after vaccination is low.
  • You can feed nutritious homemade food to Belgian Malinois which helps in keeping it fit and healthy.

This is how you can keep Belgian Malinois healthy.

Facts about Belgian Malinois breed –

  • The name of this breed is based on the city “Belgium” & this is called belgium dog breed
  • They were used by the army and police in the search operation.
  • The Belgian Malinois is highly intelligent, playful, and energetic and is part of a group known as the “Chien de Berger Belge”.
  • Its height is 22 to 26 inches and weight is 18 to 36 kg and life span is 12 to 15 years.
  • The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in the 1950s.
  • It is able to protect its near and dear ones.
  • This breed was most widely used during the First World War.

Some Important Frequently Asked Question –

1. Can Belgian malinois survive in India?

Yes, this breed can live in India and does not require much care as it is an intelligent breed that loves people

2. What’s the price of a belgian malinois in India? (belgian malinois price in india)

The price of the belgian malinois in India ranges from Rs 70,000 to 1,00,000.

3. What is the lifespan of belgian malinois?

The lifespan is 12-15 years.

4. How to Identify a belgian malinois Dog?

The mask and ears of this breed are black and the neck is long. Apart from this, there is also a double layer coat.

5. What is the height and weight of a belgian malinois?

Belgian malinois height is 22 to 26 inches and the weight is 18-36 kg.

6. What is the best color for the belgian malinois breed?

fawn is the most common & popular color for this dog.

7. Can belgian malinois Be Left Alone All Day?

Yes, you can leave this breed alone at home but not for more than 4 or 5 hours as they do not like being alone.

8. Is belgian malinois easy to train?

This breed is intelligent and you can easily train this breed.

9. How many times does belgian malinois pee?

once every five to seven hours

10. Is belgian malinois Lazy?

They are not lazy but after more exercise and work. they start feeling sluggish.

11. What are the things to keep in mind before buying a belgian malinois?

This breed requires more activity and mental stimulation. If not properly socialized this breed can become aggressive and fearful. you need to keep in mind that

12. Is belgian malinois a good dog for the family?

It is an energetic breed and has a high affinity for family. Therefore this breed is good for family members and small children

13. Does the belgian malinois Bite?

They have sharp teeth and strong jaws so that they can bite any human being but being intelligent they do not bite their loved ones.

14. What Should I Feed belgian malinois?

They can eat homemade food and you can also feed them with fruits and rice.

15. How much food should a belgian malinois eat per day?

It depends on their weight but you can feed 2 to 3 cups of high-quality dry food in a day and divided it into two meals.

16. Is belgian malinois good for any owners?

If you don’t have much experience of dogs and don’t have enough time to care and walk this breed, then this breed is not for you.

17. What is the rarest color of belgian dog?

Brindle is the rarest color of a border collie.

18. What is the belgian malinois price in Mumbai?


19. What is the belgian malinois price in Delhi?


20. What is a belgian malinois price in Banglore?


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Conclusion –

Today in this post we have told you about Belgian Malinois Price In India, belgian malinois puppies for sale, Belgian Malinois For Sale, belgian shepherd price in india & belgian malinois puppy for sale. Apart from this, We have given you the main information related to Belgian malinois in this post.

If you are thinking of buying a belgian malinois then I hope you liked this post. Let us tell you that the belgian malinois is a good breed for family members.

If you have any questions related to Belgian malinois. You can ask in the comment box. We will definitely answer your question. Thank you…

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