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Siberian Husky Price In India – Facts, Appearance, Cost & More

Siberian Husky Price In India – Husky dog ​​is an exotic breed dog and Husky dog ​​is available in many breeds but we will tell you about Siberian Husky dog ​​breed in this post.

The Siberian Husky is a world-famous breed. This other breed also comes in other breeds like Labrador Husky, Sakhalin Husky and Mackenzie River Husky. It looks like a wolf.

Let us tell you that the dogs of this breed are very active, fast and driver. They are also known as athletic dogs. Today we will tell you about the price of Siberian husky in India Price, husky dog ​​blue eyes, cost of dogs and white husky dog ​​in this post.

Siberian Husky Price In India – Siberian Husky Indian price

It is a hardworking dog and it is very popular in the world, it is the 12th most famous breed in the world. The price of dogs of this breed in India is variable because India is a big country and the price of dogs of this breed is different in every region of India.

The price of this dog in India is between 50000 to 80000 rupees. If you buy this dog from an experienced and reputable breeder then its price can be even higher. Let us tell you that the price of each dog depends on its gender, location, demand, coloring, and more.

Siberian husky puppy price in India from different sources

Official Breeder –

This is the safest way to buy a dog. If you want to buy a Siberian Husky dog ​​safely, this is the best way to go but buying a dog from an official breeder can cost you a bit.

If you buy a dog from an official breeder, you will get a good and pure breed dog. According to the researchers, there is a shortage of official breeders in India.

Non-Official Breeder –

You can also buy a Siberian Husky from a non-official breeder and this is another good option. Many diseases in India use this method to buy a cheap dog.

But relying completely on a non-official breeder is wrong as it can give you a mixed breed dog. Therefore, before buying a Siberian dog from a non-official breeder, you should meet its parents and get them tested.

Why Siberian Husky Puppy or dogs are expensive?

If you like Siberian Husky dog ​​and you want to buy it, then a question must have come to your mind that why it is so expensive, then let us tell you that Siberian Husky is an attractive, affectionate, and lovely breed.

It takes a passionate and skilled breeder to raise these dogs. If you do not know, then let us tell you that they are expensive because they are hardworking and loyal dogs.

Vet Expenses –

The cost of a veterinarian in India depends on the condition of the dog. If you get your dog checked up from time to time, your dog’s health will be good and he will be able to live longer.

You should get checked for health-related conditions like hip dysplasia, entropion, deafness, canine glaucoma, and uvodermatologic syndrome.

If the age of the White Husky puppy is 6 to 8 months, then definitely get vaccinated. Vaccination protects your dog from infection. The cost of vaccination of dogs is 3000 to 4000 rupees and the cost of the veterinarian is 15000 to 20000 rupees.

Grooming cost –

The Siberian Husky has a thick coat and takes longer to groom. During the summer, they have to face problems due to their thick coat.

If you live in a hot city, you should keep your dog in an air-conditioned room where the heat is less. Card the coat every day to get rid of bugs, knots, and mats and its monthly grooming cost is 1000 to 3000 rupees

Siberian Husky – History, Appearance and Temperament

History –

According to research, the Siberian Husky is one of the oldest breeds and was used to carry goods from one place to another.

They like to live with family members and survive easily in winter, but it is difficult to survive in hot countries like India.

Let us tell you that Siberian Husky is a more expensive and popular dog than Kangal Dog and Samoyed Dog.

Appearance –

The dog Siberian Husky is used for labor and has a short, medium, and long coat. It comes in White & Black, White & Lit Red, Mix, and many more.

Their nature is smart, intelligent, obedient, active, and powerful. They need 1 to 2 hours of exercise every day. If they do not exercise, they can gain weight.

Let us tell you that their litter size is 7 to 10 puppies and the body temperature of Siberian husky is 34 to 37 degrees.

Temperament –

Before buying Siberian Huskies, you should know about their temperament and how they behave. According to the AKC Association, it is well behaved.

Characteristics –

There are also some characteristics of husky dog ​​puppy which are as follows.

  • It is a medium-sized dog and looks like a bull.
  • Its height is 22 to 23 inches and its weight is 35-60 pounds.
  • Husky are friendly dogs and they love humans and small children.
  • They can live easily in cold climates, but they have trouble living in hot climates.
  • Husky dogs should not be left alone at home.
  • They are required to do 45 minutes of exercise every day.
  • It is active, energetic, and driver.

Cons –

  • If you are not experienced with dogs and you want to buy a Siberian Husky dog, then training them can be difficult for you.
  • If you do not train Siberian Husky Dogs, they can gain weight. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise them at a regular time.
  • Do not leave a dog husky puppy at home alone as it may chew on your things.

Can Siberian Husky Survive in India?

Yes, it can survive in India. Let us tell you that Siberian Husky has been seen with its owners in many cities of India. They need a nutritious diet to keep them healthy and fit.

Therefore, after buying them, it is also necessary to feed them nutritious food.

Some Important Frequently Asked Question –

1. Can husky survive in India?

Yes, It can live in India.

2. What’s the price of Husky Siberian Price in India? (Price of husky in India)

50000 to 80000 rupees

3. What is the lifespan of Siberian husky?

  • 10 to 16 years
  • 4. How to Identify a Pure Siberian Husky?

    plz, check on google and youtube before buying.

    5. What is the height and weight of a Siberian Husky?

    height is 20–28 cm (7.9–11.0 in) and height is 4–7.5 kg (8.8–16.5 lb).

    6. What is the best color for Siberian Husky?


    7. Can Siberian Husky Be Left Alone All Day at home?

    No, It can not Be Left Alone All Day at home.

    8. Is Siberian Husky easy to train?


    9. How many times does Siberian Husky pee?

    Every 2 hours

    10. Is Siberian Husky Lazy?

    yes, It is lazy.

    11. How many hours does a Siberian Husky dog sleep?

    12 to 16 hours

    12. What are the things to keep in mind before buying a Siberian Husky?

  • Always buy a puppy from a reputable breeder
  • 13. Is Siberian Husky a good family dog?


    14. What is the grooming cost of a Siberian Husky dog in India?

    Rs 3,000 to 4,000 in six month

    15. What is the Training cost of a Siberian Husky dog in India?

    Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,000 per month

    16. What is the feeding cost of Siberian Husky dogs in India?

    2000- Rs. 4000.

    17. Are Siberian Husky good pets?


    18. Does the Siberian Husky Bite?


    19. What Should I Feed Siberian Husky?

    Chicken & Sweet Potatoes, Beef & Pumpkin & Lamb & Quinoa.

    20. How much food should a Siberian Husky eat per day?

    1/2 to 1 cup of high-quality dry food

    21. Is Siberian Husky good for first-time owners?


    22. What is the rarest color of Siberian Husky?


    23. What is the Indian husky price in kerala?

     28,500 –  47,000

    24. What is the husky dog price bangalore?

     29,500 –  48,500

    25. What is a Siberian husky price puppy in India?

     28,500 –  47,000

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    Conclusions –

    Today in this post we have told you about Siberian Husky Price In India, Siberian husky puppies price in India, Siberian husky India price & dog husky price, Apart from this, We have given you the main information related to the Siberian Husky in this post.

    If you are thinking of buying a Siberian Husky breed then I hope you liked this post. Let us tell you that Siberian Husky is a good breed.

    If you have any questions related to the Siberian Husky. You can ask in the comment box. We will definitely answer your question. Thank you…

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