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Silver Bengal Cat – Everything You Need to Know

Silver Bengal Cats are rare cats. This breed looks like ocelot, margay, and leopards. It is a popular breed and this breed is very popular in America and European countries. Let us tell you that the Silver Bengal cat became a part of the Bengal breed at the end of the 20th century.

It is a popular breed of Bengal cats and is also found in other breeds like white Bengal cat, marble Bengal cat, snow Bengal, gray Bengal cat, and blue silver Bengal cat.

Today in this post we will tell you about the silver Bengal kitten and will give you all the information related to this breed. Let’s start.

Breed Information –

Breed NameSilver Bengal Cat
Height8-10 inches
Weight6-12 pounds
Price Range$1,400 to $3,000
Eye ColorGreen or yellow/golden
Temperamentfriendly and chatty
Lifespan12-15 years

silver Bengal cat price –

This is a rare breed and therefore quite expensive. Its cost ranges from $1,400 to $3,000 but if you buy this breed from a reputable breeder it can cost more than $3,000.

History –

It is a hybrid. The silver cat is the result of breeding a Bengal and an American Shorthair. In 1960, a cross was created between Asian leopard cats with the domestic cat Burmese, American Shorthair, Egyptian Mau or Abyssinian.

This process of crosses started in 1960 but many years later the Bengal breed was accepted by “The International Cat Association (TICA)” in 1986.

After the origin of this breed, this breed only came in brown and golden colors but in the year 1990, a Bengal cat and an American Shorthair were bred and during this time a new breed was born. Today we know this breed by the name of silver Bengal cat.

This breed was accepted by “The International Cat Association (TICA)” in 2004 and today it is very popular and loved by many people around the world.

Appearance –

Bengal Cat comes in many colors and is known for its black and brown spots. Cats of this breed also have many different colored spots.

The coat of the Bengals silver cat is attractive and shiny. In bright sunlight, this breed appears twinkling and glowing. That’s why it is such a beautiful cat. Their eye color is green or yellow/golden.

The height of the silver cat breed is 8-10 inches and the weight is 6-12 pounds. Cats of this breed have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

Temperament and Personality –

The temperament of the Silver Bengal Cat is highly affectionate, friendly, and chatty like other Bengal breed cats. They have more affection for their parents.

They do not like to be in the owner’s lap, but they can easily sit in one place for a long time. Cats of this breed are more energetic and are fond of playing.

Silver Bengal kitten likes to climb on the tables and doors of the house and during this time it can also sabotage the things in your house. If you want to buy Silver Bengal and you want that it does not break the things in your house, then you can get a hammock, tree, and play equipment for cats of this breed. In this way, you can save your household items from getting damaged.

Care Guide & Information

Grooming –

If you want to buy Silver Bengal Cat, then this breed does not need to be groomed regularly because their hair is short.

If you want to keep your cat healthy and healthy, regular brushing is a must. Let us tell you that this breed is considered hypoallergenic due to its short coat.

Feeding –

You can feed your Bengal cat food rich in protein. It is very beneficial. In today’s time, cat foods contain less meat and more products. (such as corn, rice and soy)

But most cats have trouble chewing on market food. Therefore, feed your cat food rich in protein.

Facts about the Silver Bengal Cat –

  • The basic colors of Silver Bengal cats are rust-brown, tan, gold, orange, ivory, and buff.
  • This Breed has short hair and does not require much grooming.
  • The hind legs of cats of this breed are longer than the front legs.
  • Silver Bengal cats were recognized in 2004 and are rare.
  • Many Americans consider this breed to be wild but it is a domesticated cat.
  • It is highly inquisitive and alert and is fond of running and playing.
  • Their lifespan is 12 to 15 years.
  • They like to play with water.

How to recognize Silver Bengal Cat

If you are looking to buy or are thinking of buying a Silver Cat, then you must know how to identify this breed. Most of the people in the market can give you another breed than Silver Bengal Cat to earn more money and make you fool.

Therefore, before buying a Silver Cat, you should keep the following key goals in mind. This is how you can identify a pure Bengal silver cat.

  • A brick-red nose
  • Gray to jet black spotting or marbling
  • Black-tipped tail
  • It May have a little tarnish
  • Green or yellow/golden eyes

How to Remove Tarnish in Silver Bengal Cats?

Tarnish can be removed by breeding two Silver Bengal cats with each other. This is the only way to remove the tarnish.

If you don’t have a silver Bengal cat, you can remove tarnish by breeding it with brown and snow Bengal cats. But you should use this option only if you do not have Silver Bengal Cats.

Most Common Health Issues of silver Bengal Cat

Eye diseases –

Bengal Cat may have a disease called Myopia. This disease is related to eye disease and your cat’s eyesight can be reduced due to this disease.

Dental problems –

Cats of this breed are also prone to dental problems. Along with dental problems, gum infections and poor oral hygiene can also occur.

Hip dysplasia –

Hip dysplasia is a disease of the hip and can cause your cat to become lame.

thyroid problems –

The thyroid is also a common problem. Long-term exposure to this disease can lead to hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Allergies –

Feeding rice, wheat, and corn can cause allergies to your cat and you may notice swollen cat eyes.

Heart Disease –

Bengal cats are more prone to heart disease than other breeds. Let us tell you that the disease is common in female cats, but the disease is more likely to occur in kittens.

Do not feed these human foods to the cat

You should not feed the following human foods to your cat otherwise it can be harmful to your cat.


Contains theobromine which is a poison for cats of this breed.


Excessive consumption of caffeine can be fatal.

Tuna –

It is a great source of protein but can cause nutritional problems with frequent feedings.

Grapes –

It is very harmful for cats, so do not feed it at all.

Raw eggs –

Do not feed raw eggs to Silver Bengal as eating them can cause food poisoning.

Important Frequently Asked Question –

1. How much does a silver Bengal cat cost?

$1,400 to $3,000

2. Are silver Bengal cats rare?

Yes, These cats are rare.

3. What are the rarest Bengal cat colors?

Snow Bengal cat is the rarest breed of Bengal cat.

4. Are silver Bengal cats good pets?

Yes. this is a good pet for family members and they are smart, athletic and loyal.

5. are Bengal cats hypoallergenic? 


6. What makes a silver Bengal cat?

This is the result of inhibition of the gene that gives the brown coat.

7. What is the height and weight of a Persian Cat?

Their height is 8-10 inches and their weight is 6-12 pounds.

8. What is the lifespan of a Persian Cat?

Their lifespan is 12-15 years.

9. How much is the Bengal cat price in California?


10. What is the nature of the Silver Bengal Cat?

Friendly and chatty

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Conclusion –

Today in this post we have told you about the Silver Bengal Cat, how much is a Bengal cat, the blue Bengal cat & Bengal colors. Apart from this, We have given you the main information related to the Bengal cat in this post.

If you are thinking of buying this cat then I hope you liked this post. Let us tell you that the Silver Bengal Cat is a good pet for the family.

If you have any questions related to the mixed Bengal cat. You can ask in the comment box. We will definitely answer your question. Thank you…

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